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DeLimon Place Trees

At DeLimon, we love our trees and need more of them. Now is the time to consider planting trees in your front yard. If you are thinking about planting a new tree or replacing an old one, please read this information about Trees in DeLimon.

Rules and Regs

Learn about DeLimon Townhouse Association resident rules and guidelines.

DeLimon By-laws
DeLimon Rules 2020
DeLimon Declaration Restrictions
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Resident Pages

Many of this site’s pages are password protected. When you click a protected page you will be prompted to enter the password given to you. If you are a DeLimon Townhouse Association Member and have not been given, please click below.

DeLimon Place Garbage Collection

Residents DeLimon Place should be aware of our bi-weekly garbage collection days that fall on one of the holidays listed below. Garbage will not be collected on the holiday, but will instead be picked up on the next scheduled garbage collection day for that neighborhood. Garbage should not be placed curbside prior to 4:00 p.m. on the day preceding the next regularly scheduled garbage collection.

Note- Recycle may or may not be picked up on these holidays. Refer to Jefferson Parish for those exceptions.

Holidays on which garbage Will Not Be Collected include: