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At DeLimon, we love our trees and need more of them.

Now is the time to consider planting trees in your front yard. If you are thinking about planting a new tree or replacing an old one, please read the attached information about Trees in DeLimon. 

The Rules of DeLimon require us to obtain permission from the board before removing and/or planting trees.  Why?  Because of the close proximity of our houses, the roots of the wrong kind of tree can cause damage to not only your home, but your neighbor’s.  And certain trees can grow to enormous sizes interfering with your neighbor’s property.  Finally, some trees are beautiful but not strong (like a Bradford Flowering Pear.)  Wind can blow them down causing damage.  Here is a link to Dan Gill’s story in the Time Picayune warning us not to plant a tree that’s too big for its spot.  NOLA.COM

How do you get authorization?  Simple.  Just send an email to the Landscape Committee at or write a letter and drop it in the black Association mailbox on the wall across from the mailboxes. Describe what you want to do, what kind of tree you want to plant, and when.  The board will respond quickly.  And to help you, a partial list of trees suitable for DeLimon is in the attachment. 

Trees add beauty to our landscape and attract nature.  Now is the time to plant them.  Enjoy!

Partial List of Recommended Trees


While they are very valuable natural and urban trees, larger growing tree varieties can cause greater problems with heavy surface roots, dense shade, and building interference in small areas. Trees such as: Live Oak, Drake Elms, Bald Cypress, and Bradford Pears may get too large for the limited spaces around your residences and their use should be carefully evaluated.


The committee has done research for some tree varieties that would fit better with the spatial situation around the residences. Smaller trees would be less problematic with the buildings, foundations, plumbing, fences, etc. These smaller species tend to grow more slowly. Some of these tree varieties will be more readily available than others, but the selected plants should be a substantial size when purchased. With limited availability in some varieties, you may have to consider a 6′ to 10′ tall range. Consider 10′ minimum height in a common variety.

Evergreens‐ Keeps Leaves in Winter

  • Holly‐ ‘Nellie R. Stevens’, ‘Eagleston’, ‘Greenleaf’, ‘Needlepoint’, ‘East Palaka’tree-types_r1_c1
  • Indian Hawthorn‐ ‘Majestic Beauty’ and ‘Rosalinda’  Loquat‐ somewhat messy fruit
  • Banana Shrub‐ spring fragrance
  • Sweet Olive‐ fragrant when weather goes from cold to warm
  • Spruce Pine‐ smallish, slow growing native pine, creates dense shade underneath
  • Japanese Blueberry‐ new and unusual, “elaeocarpus decipiens”
  • False Cypress‐ unusual, protected positions with less sun & wind, “chamaecyparis obtusa”
  • Camellia sasanqua or japonica‐ fall blooms

Deciduous‐ Loses Leaves in Winter

  • Japanese Maples‐ ‘Bloodgood’ and ‘Atropurpureum’, prefers some shadetree-types_r1_c2
  • Maple‐ improved cultivars like: ‘Brandywine’ and ‘Trident’
  • Japanese Magnolias‐ ‘Alexandrina’ is a good variety
  • Redbud‐ ‘Forest Pansy’ is an interesting variety, some shade is beneficial
  • Witch Hazel‐ requires some shad
  • Crape Myrtle‐ summer flowers, light debris underneath, interesting trunk character
  • Fringe Tree‐ spring blooming native
  • Parsley Hawthorn‐ spring blooming native, fall/winter fruit, some thorns
  • Silver Bell‐ spring flowers, considered a clean tree
  • Vitex‐ bluish/purple flower spikes in summer, spreading/rambling form
  • Chinese Pistachio‐ dependable fall color, slow growing
  • Gingko‐ larger mature size, yellow fall color, resistant to stress, slow growing
  • Silver Bell‐ small white spring flowers, native‐ clean‐ medium sized shade tree

If you have a tree you would like to plant that is not on the list, please call the Chairperson of our  Landscape Committee who is listed in the Directory or send an email to  to discuss your choice. Thank you for assisting DeLimon in making our neighborhood a beautiful place to live.


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